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    In 2005, I decided that I needed a nice knife block for the RÖSLE knives I was going to buy. After scouring many shops I was still not satisfied, so I decided to design the knife block myself.

    Knife Block Paper Design © 2005 Segerberg

    It is vaguely based on an idea by Finnish architect Reima Pietilä. He desgined a university building with windows of varying widths in order to immitate the varying sizes of the trees in the surrounding.

    Helsinki University Forest Windows

    My design has nothing to do with karate.

    Shotokan Knife Blocking Technique

    I got in contact with a Finnish carpenter, friend of a friend, who is now a journalist, and he agreed to produce the knife block for the modest sum of EUR 340. In particular, the front and rear wooden pieces extend 10 mm further down so that even wet knives can be introduced and the water will not stick underneath the device.

    Segerberg Knife Block © 2006 Segerberg

    Knife Block - knife blocks can be used to store knives and to defend from angry chefs...