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    This is an old fashion project from 2000. All images were photographed as diapositives and scanned at 1200 dpi some nineteen years later, so the image quality is not the very best. All images are 800 x 1200 pixels large, but shown smaller, so right click and you can view them bigger. We will start with the winter collection.

    Jasmine Cotton 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Brown 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Collar 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Sharp 2000 Segerberg

    When the weather has become warmer, the women can move on to western and jungle style outifts.

    Jasmine Western 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Jungle 2000 Segerberg

    Followed by business, summer and party outfits.

    Jasmine Jacket 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Summer 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Party 2000 Segerberg

    Finally, we come to the underwear section. For complete nudity, in famous Helmut Newton style, please view two other smaller series available at Doll Project II.

    Jasmine Underwear 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine Purple 2000 Segerberg

    Jasmine White 2000 Segerberg

    Helmut Newton - first with clothes on, then without clothes...