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  • Renault Cognac

    This a series of photographies featuring the Renault Carte Noire Extra cognac. Unfortunately, I have never been paid by Renault for making such excellent work.

    Renault Silence © 2007 Segerberg

    Some people like to mix cocktails with cognac. I'm of the opinion that you should drink it pure. Preferably while smoking a nice Cuban cigar.

    Renault Cocktails © 2007 Segerberg

    These photos were made in Finland. My friend Björn has a lot of interesting tools in his countryside garage.

    Renault Hand © 2007 Segerberg

    Of course, Hennessy is also a nice cognac. Or Remy Martin. As long as you don't forget the Cuban cigar. This cognac webpage is slowly turning into a cigar webpage. I will quit writing before it's too late.

    Segerberg Hennessy © 2006 Törnroth

    Björn thinks that cigars from the Dominican Republic can sometimes be fine too. In fact, he thinks a lot, and has a serious cigar webpage.

    Törnroth Renault © 2007 Segerberg

    Renault - don't drink and drive, unless it's our carte noire extra cognac, of course...